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Governing a municipality involves a complex mix of tasks and responsibilities. Among the most challenging are those dealing with physical infrastructure: the technical components that support a community, enable its people to get from place to place, and make it possible for them to live safe, healthy, pleasant lives.

Managing municipal infrastructure—specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining roads and bridges, water and sewage systems, and public parks—takes highly developed scientific, economic, mathematical, environmental, and just plain practical expertise. It takes a special kind of engineering.

At Glenn Engineering and Associates, Ltd., we specialize in working with the people who govern the cities, boroughs, and townships of southwestern Pennsylvania. We give them the cost-effective, municipality-oriented support and decision-making information they need to manage all the elements of a secure and viable infrastructure.


Ask any of our long-established clients, and they’ll tell you that we work exceptionally hard to maintain relationships based on stability, trust, responsiveness, and personal attention. Our technical expertise is second to none, and our specialization in municipal and environmental engineering makes us the logical choice when local governments look for first-hand knowledge of their communities, and for economical solutions to difficult challenges.

14920 State Route 30
North Huntingdon, PA 15642-1073
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